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 Anyone can enter this pageant.  Appearances are not mandatory, however, we do ask for the winners to stay after the conclusion pageant for a group photo and we ask queens to return the following year to crown their successor and to receive your savings bond/scholarship. If you do not return to crown, you forfeit all gifts, savings bonds/scholarships promised.  You may be asked to attend community events such as parades, festivals, and or other activities, but it is NOT MANDATORY.  Before you wear your Miss Toombs-Montgomery County Crown & Sash to an event, please contact our Director.

Each contestant will model their casual wear in an opening group lineup where each contestant will be called to the stage to line up and model their outfit in a mini-t pattern. Upbeat music will be played but you will not be able to model the entire stage due to other. Please shorten your routine to show the best of your modeling.  After all contestants  onstage lineup, you will then dress for Formal Wear/Evening Wear Onstage Competition. 

KEEP IN MIND, Casual Wear is part of your score as well as the rest of the competition.  Please be sure to be in lineup when called, the pageant will not stop or delay waiting on contestants.  One call will be made for lineups.  Be sure your hair & makeup is ready upon registering for the pageant. 

Admission: $5.00 Ages 4 and Up. One parent per contestant may enter without charge.

Prizes Include: Each DIVISION QUEEN, Baby - Junior will receive a crown, embroidered banner, a trophy, and a $50 savings bond at the completion of her reign.
Young Teen will receive a $100, Teen will receive a $200, and Miss will receive a $300 savings bond/scholarship as well as  a crown, embroidered banner, a trophyat the completion of her reign.   All Optional Winners will receive a trophy. Each contestant not placing or receiving an Optional Award will receive a trophy. Each division will have a 1st and a 2nd Runner-up. 

Beauty: Contestants must model a pageant dress.  Ages 0-6 years must wear a short pageant dress, ages 7-9 years may wear a short/long pageant dress and ages 10 and up years must wear a long pageant dress.  Model a "T" pattern

Deadline:  May 22nd. We must have your entry form in hand paid in full by May 22nd,  or there will be a $10.00 Late fee that must accompany application.  Early Bird Awards will be given to the FIRST application in each division.  No info will be given out on this.  Please submit a wallet photo for website with application.  This may also be emailed.

Photogenic Pictures must be turned in by 7pm at Practice. No exceptions! Sorry, no application will be accepted without full payment.

Princess For The Day:

Votes $1.00 each. Contestants can start today collecting these votes.  The Contestant that collects the most votes will receive a special crown, banner, & trophy/plaque as well as a surprise gift at the beginning of the pageant crowning of her division. Deadline for these votes will be May 1st, please let us know if you are working on this. 

Entry Fees are accepted only by Money Order, Cashiers Check, and Paypal (you must pay the paypal fee). Only Cash will be accepted at the door for entries.

For more information or to mail application:

Director, Kerri Samples
(912) 538-0008

(912) 326-6150

PO BOX 2336

Vidalia, GA  30475


You may also drop applications off at Shimmers & Shines, 218 W Liberty Avenue, Lyons, GA  30436 (912) 538-0008